Attract an Audience – In-Room Auction Service Sydney


Chris Scerri is a leading real estate auctioneer in Sydney providing in-room auction services for vendors/Real Estate Agents in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and the South Coast areas. If you’re looking to sell fast and attract the widest audience, then our exciting in-room auction service is ideal for you.

The benefits of selling your property at auction are many, but not every property is suitable for on-site auction. This could be due to lack of space, inclement weather, inadequate parking facilities, noisy traffic and other factors which can limit attendance.

In-room auctions occur off site in a hotel conference room or event facility. The auctioneer has full control over the environment, and the clearance rate is generally much higher because the professional event presentation attracts larger numbers of prospective buyers which is conducive to competitive bidding.

Here are just a few benefits of on-site auctions:

  • Timing – Target your ideal audience at the right time. Whilst on-site auctions are traditionally held on Saturdays, this can be sometimes inconvenient for parents with young children attending sporting commitments. You may prefer to hold an on-site auction mid-week or during the evening. We can ascertain and schedule an ideal auction time for your target buyer.
  • Less Hassle, More Comfort – In-room auctions usually have convenient parking nearby, and you can expect a higher turnout no matter the weather. With plenty of seating for all attendants and no interference from traffic or wind, the auction environment is much more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Better Exposure, Larger Pool of Prospective Buyers – With the ability to schedule multiple property auctions in a single day, in-room auctions attract a wider audience. Bidders don’t always nab their first preference, and with plenty to choose from your property could be next on their list. In-room auctions are also highly attractive for first home buyers, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the local property market.

Passionate, Enthusiastic and Measured – Scerri In-Room Auctions

When opting for an in-room auction, it pays to do your research and choose an auctioneer with the ability to excite and connect with potential buyers. Scerri Auctions always exhibit a high degree of professionalism and has a wealth of experience in conducting in-room auctions. The ability to read the auction room’s mood and respond appropriately is instrumental in achieving great results, and with Scerri Auctions you are in safe hands.

Our in-room auctions are engaging, dynamic and exciting and we have built a formidable reputation for professionalism and high service standards. Our strong knowledge of the Sydney property market and ability to connect with bidders and create a comfortable, welcoming environment helps pave the way for auction success.

Sydney In-Room Auctions for All Property Types

Scerri Auctions have experience with all types of property ranging from residential through to commercial, industrial, development, rural and hospitality sites. We present your property in the best possible light, highlighting the major selling points and keeping attendants fully informed at every stage.

At every in-room auction there will be a large projector screen displaying a professional presentation and high-quality images of your property to maximize bidder confidence and provide a clear understanding of your property.

Committed to your Success – Schedule an In-Room Auction Today

If you’re ready to sell, Scerri Auctions are committed to helping you achieve success. Contact our friendly team today for more information about our upcoming in-room auctions and to book your place.  We look forward to working with you and achieving a successful auction result.