Property Auctioneer South Coast

Scerri Auctions is one of the top-rated real estate auctioneers along the South Coast, offering specialised support for all your residential, commercial, and industrial auctioneering needs. Managing the diverse demands of conducting a successful auction can often be an overwhelming process. This is where our service can provide you the much needed peace of mind on auction day.

A trusted auctioneer within the South Coast, Chris Scerri founded Scerri Auctions with the vision of delivering streamlined auction service like none other in this region. Having worked extensively in the local real estate industry for over a decade, Chris has the track record of scripting numerous highly successful auction experiences for his clients. His extraordinary work ethics, attention to details, and customer-focus has been appreciated by numerous clients.

Our Service Offering:

During the sales campaign, we provide all necessary support with documentation review and orchestration of communications leading to the auctions day. Scerri Auctions strongly believe that the success of an auction depends a great deal on different people that function behind the process. This is why managing vendor expectation is a critical component of all our auctions. This includes making contact (at agents discretion) to not only introduce himself but to discuss the current marketplace which allows this to be seen from a third person.

Finally, when the auction day arrives, we handle the entire setup process and work towards enhancing your experience throughout the day. Some of the key tasks handled by us include, but is not limited to

  • Auctioneers assistant to record bids from registered parties
  • Bidder record will be emailed through to leading agent post auction
  • Developing and managing the strategy for the auction

The Scerri Difference:

Delivering the desired outcome of your auction is our foremost priority. Chris Scerri is highly proficient in understanding the environment of the auction room and motivating the potential buyers to participate in an enthusiastic bidding process.

As the leading property auctioneer wihtin the South Coast, we offer the following advantages to ensure your success.

  • Dedicated auctioneer offering customised professional advice
  • Addressing the specific needs of the buyers as well as the sellers
  • The ability to attract the attention of the auction room crowd
  • Specialists available to describe properties, answer queries, and persuading the bidders during the auction

Please contact us today, if you are looking to hire an auctioneer within the South Coast capable of delivering creative marketing methods and exceptional results.