Property Auctioneer Bathurst

Looking for a reliable and highly regarded real estate auctioneer to manage the sale of your property? Your search ends here. Scerri Auctions are a leading auctioneering support company servicing the Bathurst area. From residential through to industrial and commercial properties, we help our clients achieve outstanding sales results through dynamic, engaging and professionally managed in-room and on-site auctions. Bathurst is one of Australia’s oldest cities and is a thriving regional centre with a rapidly growing population. It is important that your auctioneer understands the local market conditions and target market for your property, as this will allow the advertising campaign to reach a wide audience and increase your chances of auction success.

Scerri Auctions was founded by Chris Scerri, a real estate veteran and renowned auctioneer who is committed to delivering tailored auctioneering solutions for his clients. With deep understanding of the local market and the wider Central Tablelands region, Scerri Auctions design and deliver successful marketing campaigns and auction experiences that exceed all expectations.

Why Scerri Auctions?

As one of the leading property auctioneering Bathurst providers, Scerri Auctions have established a formidable reputation for quality service and real estate expertise. Leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we strive to maximise returns for our clients and ensure a smooth and seamless sales experience from start to finish.

Bathurst is a thriving regional centre which is home to large retail precincts, expansive industrial zones, housing estates and more. Scerri Auctions provide property auctioneering services for all types of property including residential, industrial and commercial. Rest assured that your real estate auction marketing will reach the widest possible audience, making for a dynamic auction experience and encouraging high-intensity bidding amongst potential buyers.

Your Experienced Bathurst Property Auctioneer

Scerri Auctions have delivered outstanding results for countless clients in Bathurst, and we would welcome the opportunity to manage the sale of your property. Whether you are a homeowner, independent sales office, sales agent or franchisee, you can look forward to the following advantages when working with Scerri Auctions:

  • Tailored, professional advice from experienced auctioneers
  • Expert knowledge and strong industry connections
  • The ability to tactfully respond to the mood of the room and create dynamic, engaging auctions which encourage high-intensity bidding.
  • Use of the latest technologies and techniques to achieve outstanding results
  • The highest standards of professionalism, integrity and customer service

If you are looking to appoint an experienced auctioneer, please contact Scerri Auctions today to book an appointment. Michael Corcoran is the local auctioneer who is located in Orange who would be managing the sale. We look forward to speaking with you.