Property Auctioneer Goulburn

When it comes to professional and comprehensive real estate auctioneering services, choose Scerri Auctions and our team will help you achieve an excellent outcome.

Our team, led by Chris Scerri, a charismatic and experienced professional, undergoes rigorous preparation way before the auction day. Throughout the campaign, we work closely with the vendor or sales agent so that we can best plan for the auction and help secure the maximum price for the property.

This intense preparation complements our deep and updated knowledge of the real estate market. Our knowledge and experience always show whenever we communicate with the bidders. They also instantly feel that we know what we’re talking about, which is why bidders always find it easy to put their trust in us. As a result, the auction is always built on trust, which makes the entire event a smooth and successful selling experience.

Experience, expertise, enthusiasm, energy

We easily command the crowd’s attention because of our energy and natural enthusiasm. However, that’s only a part of the reason we’re the leading property auctioneers. That’s because our energy and enthusiasm stems from our experience and passion in helping clients secure the best outcome.

As we focus on helping clients achieve the maximum price, we also help them finally move forward to other important matters in their lives or business. Once their property is sold, they will now have more time, energy and financial resources to focus on their other ventures or a major transition in their lives.

Fine-tuned process as a result of experience

Through the years, we’ve been able to consistently outperform industry clearance rates. With our consistently high success rates each year and each month, through the years we’ve helped more people finally get over with selling their properties. We’ve also helped sales agents and offices become more successful over time.

Our high success rates have been a result of a total commitment to achieving an excellent outcome, whether it’s for a residential, commercial or industrial property. Our enthusiasm and passion for helping clients win have continuously fuelled us in making each auction a positive and successful experience.

Contact us today if you want the auction to be professional and with the appropriate kind of energy. This way, the entire experience will be positive and the bidders will better appreciate and realise the value of your property.