“Chris is a true professional Auctioneer. He is the most organised Auctioneer I have come across, allowing you to just concentrate on your bidding buyers.
Chris knows how to control an Auction providing the best opportunity for strong bidding momentum.
We enjoy using Chris as his manner & communications skills gains the respect of both sellers & buyers.”

James Marshman – General Manager Forsyth Real Estate Willoughby

“Chris has been doing auctions for our office at LJ Hooker Chester Hill for more than 2 years. His consistency of a high level of professionalism and his proven record gives us the confidents to list more auctions every day. Without a doubt, one of the best auctioneers we have worked with in our career.

Chris is always on time and willing to get out off his way to make things positive and never forgetting to promote our office to all the potential sellers on the day. What we really value in Chris, is that he plays as part of the team on the auction day. Which it allows us to work on our buyers while his handling all the objections with great ability and confidence.”

Joe Fares (Licensee) Sazer Younis (Principal) @ LJHOOKER CHESTER HILL

Recently we conducted an auction campaign for a home in Mt Kuring-gai and we engaged the services of Chris Scerri as our auctioneer.

From our very first contact with Chris, we felt very much at ease. He came to us with an outstanding reputation as an auctioneer and he certainly exceeded our high expectations. He was able to achieve a magnificent result on the day from a particularly difficult situation. I am sure there would not have been many auctioneers who could have produced the result we got, and needless to say, the vendors were delighted with the result.

Chris’ personal approach and professional a itude was undoubtedly a major contributing factor to the success of our auction. He has a thorough knowledge of the market which is obviously the result of countless hours of research. Chris is a dedicated practitioner of his craft. He also has a great depth of knowledge of the auction process and is able to use his well honed communication skills to produce exceptional results for his clients.

We are absolutely convinced that Chris Scerri is a highly skilled and highly motivated auctioneer. Butmoreimportantly,wefoundChristobeverypersonableandunderstandingof the needs of the client. Prior to the auction he was available to address any issues or questions fromourteamandfromthevendor. Duringtheauctionhewasabletorespondtoprospective buyers with empathy and good humour. After the auction he spent time with the successful buyer and the vendor, helping to create a very positive relationship between the two. We believe he went above and beyond the call of duty.

His enthusiastic, animated, and friendly manner was appreciated by all those who a ended the auction and we have received many comments to that effect. I would highly recommend Chris Scerri to anyone wanting to conduct a successful auction with a minimum of fuss. He is indeed a professional beyond reproach.

Chris Hopkins (Principal) @ Raine & Horne Hornsby

Our office takes the majority of our listings to auction and therefore we can be running multiple auctions on any given Saturday. For this reason we engage a regular stable of auctioneers to ensure we are adequately covered.

Of the auctioneers that we have been using over the last couple of years I have to say Chris Scerri is a “stand-out”.

Chris Scerri’s service goes well beyond the norm of some other auctioneers who, despite getting a result, can seem to rush through the auction.

Chris will always arrive early, properly familiarise himself with the property and even take the time to meet and speak with our vendors. This is very important to us as it’s a great way to answer any last minute questions and place our clients at ease.

In fact, many of our vendors have commented on Chris’s professionalism and charm and that Chris was able to calm their nerves and reassure them.

For our office it is important that an auctioneer needs to be perceived as part of our team and a seamless extension of our business. This expectation has been well and truly met by Chris Scerri and that is why he has become our “preferred” auctioneer.

Andy Trigas (Sales Manager) @ Harcourts Liverpool